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Welcome to Albert Hogoboom Oilfield Trucking, Inc.—your one-stop destination for robust trucking solutions with over 60 years of unparalleled experience in the industry. Born from the vision of Albert Hogoboom in 1956, who began with a water truck and a grand dream in Butler County, KS, our legacy has since expanded to encompass a wide fleet, including vacuum trucks, winch trucks, move trucks, and more. Beyond oilfield trucking, our expertise stretches across multiple sectors, ensuring we address virtually any trucking challenge you face. Safety, our cardinal principle, steers our every decision, reflecting the dedication and hard work that catalyzed our growth during the oil boom of the 1960s and sustained us through the ebbs and flows of the Kansas oil industry. Now under the vigilant leadership of Kathy Jack, Albert’s daughter, our commitment to service excellence remains unwavering, honoring the foundation Albert built.

Your Ultimate Solution for Gravel Hauling

When it comes to getting a significant amount of gravel hauled, you need a trucking company you can trust. Enter Albert Hogoboom Oilfield Trucking, Inc., a family-owned business with an impressive 60+ year track record in providing exceptional service in the hauling industry.

The Versatile Vacuum Truck

The world of oilfield services is as complex as it is varied. It ranges from highly specialized operations like drilling and production to the more universal, yet equally crucial roles such as hauling water, cleaning spills, and maintaining pipelines. One tool that's proven indispensable across these different areas is the vacuum truck. Much like a Swiss Army knife, its versatility makes it a must-have asset in the oilfield service industry.