One man, a water truck and a big dream was the start of Albert Hogoboom Oilfield Trucking, Inc.

Albert started his business in 1956, hauling rig water to drilling rigs in the Butler County, KS area. A strong work ethic combined with long days and nights, enabled Albert’s company to grow during the oil boom of the 1960’s. The company further expanded after acquiring additional water trucks, vacuum trucks, bull dozers and winch trucks during the 1960’s and 70’s.

In the mid 1960’s, Hogoboom also became a contract hauler for Magcobar drilling products, delivering those products to the numerous oil wells being drilled in the area. In the early 1970’s, Magcobar allowed Hogoboom to become a distributor for them, leading to the creation of Fud Mud. Operating as Fud Mud, Hogoboom delivered Magcobar product to drilling rigs with his winch trucks and provided the mud engineers to check mud properties for the rigs.

Albert Hogoboom Oilfield Trucking, Inc. has remained steadfast through the highs and lows of the Kansas oil industry. The company is celebrating 60+ years of being in business, servicing the area’s oil, refining and pipeline industries.

Albert Hogoboom passed away in 2015. Leadership of the company passed to his daughter, Kathy Jack, who is carrying on the tradition and commitment of service excellence that he strived to provide in his many years of business.